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U Count 2

U Count 2 U Count 2 is an initiative of our community, our school, our drug court, our law enforcement, and Evangel United Methodist Church. Our purpose is to positively connect with those who are misusing and abusing substances (drugs and alcohol) to bring about productive/useful lives, transform hearts, and most especially, grow the common good of the Beecher City area. We also purpose to reduce the misuse and abuse of those harmful substances.

We believe that...

Peer Listening

Part of the U Count 2 program involves active peer listening in our schools and in our community. Peer listening can be an early warning system to head off potentially more explosive problems. It is one more part of the safety net, along with adult guidance, to catch students who might not turn anywhere for help. U Count 2 is equipping peer listeners in our schools to be good listeners and to be good friends to all students. In the end, we want students to realize their common aspects and characteristics that they all share, versus their differences that are so often emphasized.

What Can You Do To Help?

Give your time, prayers, or financial support. Talk with one of the Peer Listening Coordinators: Mr. Lark at the High School or Pastor Bauer of Evangel United Methodist Church to discuss how you would best be involved.

What Can You Do If You Need Help?

There is help for you and there is hope. Seek out a Peer Listener at the High School. Call the Help Line at (217) 342-5504 or contact Mr. Lark or Pastor Bauer and they will help you be connected.